This month is the parenting crash course.  Two evenings focusing on how the gospel shapes how we raise children.

Obviously it’s a big topic and just two evenings will leave us with a lot of gaps, so I thought I’d list some additional resources here…

Getting to the heart of parenting

This resource is on the Gospel Coalition website and is a Q&A session following some seminars he’s given.  There are some assumptions made about the content he’s covered but the questions are wide ranging and helpful – and if you scroll to the end of the post you can see a list of the questions and click through to the answers rather than watching the whole thing.

Parenting strong willed children

This is a seminar from a conference on parenting at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Really helpful for encouraging parents with children who refuse to back down and who test us and push us more than we can bear!

Making an idol out of our success as parents

Here’s a brief but penetrating article asking us some serious questions about why we want our children to behave well and what we think we will lose if they don’t.


Fatherhood is a book by Tony Payne on being a godly father.  Short, readable and easy to pass on it’s a great thing to get hold of and read over lunch at work.  At the centre of the book are three Bible ideas about being a father – life giver, nurturer and authority – expressed supremely in God’s dealings with us in the gospel.

Aren’t they lovely when they’re asleep

Brilliant title for a short book on parenting small children by Ann Benton. We read this a number of years ago and found it really helpful the 5* reviews show that we were not alone in that!

Shepherding a Child’s Heart

If you’re content not to look for a “quick fix” and instead give a bit more time then this is a course to listen to at the iTunes University.  The lectures are by Ted Tripp and broadly cover the same material as the book by the same name.