I’m not a fan of long words mainly because I can’t spell or remember what they mean but two words I have made a point of learning are Theology and Doxology.  Theology – the study of God.  Doxology – the expression of praise to God.

Theology comes from a dead heart if it doesn’t lead to Doxology.  If learning things about God doesn’t lead me to truly praise his name, my heart is dead, I am religious like a Pharisee.

Equally if Doxology isn’t informed by Theology, I am just worshipping an idol, I am worshipping myself and my own ideas.  If I praise God outside of what he tells me he is like in his word, then my praise has no ground, and is not praise to God at all, and all praise not to God is Idolatry.

I know what you are thinking now – that’s all well and good, but I want someone cooler than you to convince me of this in song form.  No problem.