God’s passion for the nations is unmistakable. The Bible begins with a promise to bless all the families of the earth and ends with a picture of every individual Christian as part of an innumerable gathering of people from every nation, tribe and language.

So it follows that taking the gospel to the nations is not a side interest or a sign of commitment beyond what is really necessary.  Nor should there be a local church without world mission involvement.  The gospel going beyond the borders of our community, our country and our language is ordinary, faithful, Biblical Christianity for us all.

Those convictions have made us resist the conventional ‘mission committee’ idea at Aigburth as we’re persuaded the church is the mission committee and a few selected people should not take that responsibility away from the rest of us. However as time has gone on and our with an eagerness to move things forward in our support of world mission we have gathered what we’re calling our “World Mission Group”.  A team of people with a concern to help all the church engage in world mission.

Success for the WMG will be every church member being more aware of how to pray for our mission partners and the church as a whole being more responsive to their needs.   We also want to be clearer as a church over why we support what we do (and what we don’t) and more focused in encouraging individuals and couples to consider going short or long term overseas.

The WMG is being led by Tommy Farrell and is made up of Sarah Farrell, Gemma Saint, Naomi Grindey and currently me.  Pray for them as they set about this important task.