Each members meeting we re-issue the member prayer directory as a tool to help us pray for each other. Every issue has an introduction encouraging members to make the most of the directory.

This is the intro from the current edition:

“Dear Church Members

The directory in your hands is a list of all the ministers of Aigburth Community Church.  Each member listed is a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ who is committed to our church family and that makes each of them a minister of the church.

That’s not a radical new idea or a change in direction for our church leadership structures rather that’s normal church.  So when Paul describes the role of a pastor teacher in Ephesians 4 he says their role is “to equip the saints for the work of ministry”.  In other words my job is not the ministry of the church, my job is to help all the people listed here do that job.  Ministry in Aigburth Community Church belongs to all of us.

That means that in a very special way each of the people listed here is in your care. A person to whom you are to minister, a person you might need to correct and teach, and certainly a person for whom you are to pray!

So don’t lose this directory, keep it with you and pray for those listed, don’t stop there either invite them round and pray with them, weep with them, rejoice with them, walk alongside them.

Because after all what kind of minister doesn’t pray for their church?