A few months ago I posted here about general help not being generally helpful.

Well travelling this last week gave me chance to read the book that goes with that short film, called Being There.  The book tells the story of Dave and Gloria Furman and how they’ve worked together to come to terms with Dave’s disability which he developed shortly before the birth of their first child.

If you’re looking for a book that’s realistic about suffering and the cost to those around you with some very practical advice on how to (and not to) respond then this book is brilliant.  I was struck by the honesty of the pain not only for the sufferer (indeed that’s not the focus) but also for those seeking to give help and support and the damage that thoughtless actions can have.  It’s an inspiring book on the strength and dignity that the gospel gives to loving service of the suffering.

The video below gives a longer introduction to the book which I commend to you.