Ever find yourself spending more time thinking about your sin than Jesus? Turning over and over in a never ending cycle of guilt and despair?  If you do you’re not alone.  In fact Thomas Brooks will tell you it’s a device Satan loves to use so as to make our lives “a hell”.

So what should we do? Well here is a paraphrase of Brook’s 6 remedies…

  1. Consider that though Jesus has not freed you from sin’s presence altogether he has freed you from its power to condemn.  God’s law cannot condemn you; because Christ has fulfilled it, divine justice cannot condemn you; because Christ satisfied that, sins cannot condemn you; because Christ took those and shed his blood for them, your own conscience cannot condemn you; because Christ is greater than your conscience and he acquits you.
  2. Consider that though Jesus has not freed you from the harassing power of sin you are free from its rule and reign. In other words, sin cannot and should not be allowed to tell you what to do or how to feel.
  3. Constantly keep one eye on the promise of sins forgiven and the other eye on what God is achieving even through your battle with sin.  In other words God has forgiven you for sins which – though he does not count them against you – he leaves for his good purposes.
  4. When you think of the debt of your sin just remember just how rich Christ is. So like the child of wealthy parents is not afraid of a bailiff because his parents can always pay, so too for our sin Jesus has overflowing riches of mercy and grace.
  5. Remember why God has let you remain in this world of sin and the purposes for which he lets us battle with sin:
    1. He wants to keep us humble
    2. To keep us dependent on divine help – e.g. keeps us praying
    3. Keeps us trusting Christ and not ourselves for our sanctification
    4. To make us love this world less and long for heaven more.
    5. That heaven might be more sweet to us when we arrive.
  6. Consider that you should repent of being discouraged by your sin. That we feel like we do is a sign that we are ignorant of the richness, freeness, fullness and everlastingness of God’s love and ignorant too of the power, glory, sufficiency and effectiveness of the death and sufferings of the Lord Jesus Christ. And for that ignorance we should repent.