For our first staff book of the year we started small with Paul Williams’ little book called “Intentional”.

It’s a great little book on how to speak to people about Jesus, over coming fear, avoiding saying nothing or being confrontational and how to respond well to questions.

Of all the gems in the book his instruction to speak mostly about Jesus is really helpful.  Here are Paul’s three reasons for doing that:

  1. When I take people to Jesus, I am taking them to the one who is the focus of the gospel.
  2. If the questioner doesn’t like the answer their issue is with Jesus, not me.
  3. Having spoken about Jesus, it’s then very natural to talk more about Jesus as the conversation progresses.

The book then gives lots of help to answer common questions such as; how we know the Bible is true, how we can be confident that God exists, and why being good is not enough, answering each of them by turning to the gospels and the stories and teaching of Jesus.

It takes about an hour to read and I thoroughly recommend it, if you want to borrow a copy just ask otherwise here it is on for £1 or FREE as an ebook.