Personal Bible reading is both really helpful and really difficult.  Getting into a good routine of feeding yourself from God’s word can be transformative for your Christian life but it’s hard work getting there and we need all the help we can get.  With that in mind here are a few resources which might be of help to you in 2020.

Glen Scriveners “Reading Between the Lines”
These two volumes are also accompanied by a series of YouTube videos where Glen takes a short passage of the Bible and explains it. The books are quite large (wouldn’t fit into your work bag) but each reading is short, to the point and super helpful.

Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s Bible in a Year
This reading plan takes you through the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice in a year. M’Cheyne suggests that 2 of the readings are for personal devotion and 2 for family reading. There are lots of different copies of the plan available for free online or Amazon do a Kindle book of the plan which gives you the reading for each day.

Explore App
The Good Book Company have lots of good resources for daily Bible reading including the Explore App. Free to download you can then purchase different study guides – or some are available for free. The app includes the passage of the Bible, some questions and applications, along with some ideas to pray for at the end.  It’s really helpful if you’re reading the Bible on the bus or at your desk before work!

The PrayerMate app is designed to help you pray regularly for the people and situations you care about. The app is easy to use and allows you to subscribe to different “feeds” with prayer news on them – including prayer news from Aigburth Community Church. In a new set of features you can also use the app to give a few verses from the Bible for you to consider each day before you pray.

Audio Bible
Listening to the Bible is never quite going to be the same as reading it for yourself as some of the details will quickly pass you by if you get momentarily distracted and the reader will always put an interpretation on it by the way they read.  That said for generations, before individual Bible ownership was possible, Christians relied on the public reading of the scriptures which is why Paul encourages Timothy to commit himself to that task.  There are lots of audio Bibles out there worth checking out both on Audible and other apps. One of the most popular is David Suchet reading the NIV Bible.

If non of those seem suitable then the Good Book Company has a whole section of their website dedicated to providing resources for daily Bible reading which you can find here.  Or feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.